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2036-12-31 03:25 pm
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2036-12-30 03:28 pm
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2016-02-14 08:15 pm

Dear Mun Post 002

Because Valentine's Day brings out the Feels...

I miss him.

That's what you wanted me to admit, isn't it Mun-san? He's a violent, stupid, worthless, idiot of a man, and I miss him. And... it hurts to miss him.

Don't let him know. I can hear his gloating already.

I even miss that.

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2016-01-22 02:23 am

Dear Mun Post 001

The Muse Cannot With This


I thought we had agreed? You weren't going to do this! You can't put me at any game! Especially that game you've got two at already, Mun! I'm meant to be back and getting ready to go into my Law course. I have dreams, I want to become a successful lawyer, and I can't do that if some idiotic mundane thinks they can just take me and put me wherever they want.

Argh! You're worse than Domyouji sometimes!


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